Posted on 8/8/2018

How Can I Help? Creating a Culture of Strong Customer Service

Kim Krutsch

In any business—whether you’re selling a product, service or technology—customer service is key to success. The Internet has provided us with a nearly unlimited number of options when it comes to buying. Because of these endless options, it is up to companies selling to offer potential customers the best total experience. 

From information gathering and that first phone call to the “I’ll buy it” decision, it’s important that the customer feels valued and appreciated during the entire sales process. If this process is handled well, that customer can become a marketing person for your brand, promoting and referring your business to others. 

Think about the last time you made a major purchase, like a car, for example. Did you receive customer service every step of the way? Using car buying as an example, let’s examine how a company can create a culture of strong customer service from top to bottom. 

Marketing: When I made the decision to buy a new car, the first thing I did was look at car ads online, trying to find the best vehicle in my price range. The websites that were easiest to navigate and could easily anticipate what best appealed to me as a potential customer won out. For any business, know that your online presence, particularly your website, is a customer’s first impression. If the experience isn’t user friendly and informative, customers will be turned off quickly. 

Administrative Staff: After finding a car I was interested in, I called the dealer to see if the car choice was in stock. The dealer’s administrative team was friendly, knowledgeable and encouraged me to come in and look at some cars. Upon arrival to dealership, administrative staff was there to greet me warmly and lead me to a sales person. As an administrative assistant myself, I know and understand the importance of that first human interaction with a customer. A kind, courteous and helpful administrative team can make all the difference in closing a sale. 

Sales: Ideally, the sales person listens carefully to the customer to assess their needs. If the customer believes he is getting a fair price while being treated with respect, the purchase is made. 

Support: On vehicle pick up day, the employees who prepped my new car paid attention to every detail to ensure the car looked great. If the customer leaves the dealership happy and satisfied with their new car, the customer experience was top notch. After owning the car for a while, if there are any problems with it then the repair shop staff needs to keep the customer satisfied with convenient, hassle-free service. If the customer continues to be respected, and the car is fixed, the experience will keep them satisfied. 

These principles can apply to any business. The lesson is simple: Treating customers well consistently increases the likelihood they will talk to others about their great experience, and hopefully, even post kudos on social media. The referral is the icing on the cake of great customer service.

If anywhere in the process the customer service would have been poor, then the whole deal could fall apart. Creating a culture of strong customer service from beginning to end (and beyond!) is the key to success for any business

About the Author

Kim Krutsch | Automation Alley

As Automation Alley’s “Director of First Impressions” for the past seven years, Kim Krutsch has been responsible for welcoming guests, serving as receptionist and performing administrative duties. Most recently, Kim has joined Automation Alley’s Business Development team to assist in membership support and outreach.


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