Posted on 4/11/2018

Just Say Yes!

Kim Krutsch

Sometime life presents us an opportunity to grow and challenge ourselves. I like it when that happens! Seven years ago, I started working for Automation Alley in an administrative support role. I love being the “Director of First Impressions” and warmly welcoming our members and guests. I also enjoy helping my co-workers whenever possible. I truly enjoy the team environment here at work.

During my employment at Automation Alley, I have realized and utilized my strengths. My social skills came in handy when working registration at our many events. My organizational ability works well when booking rooms, sharing information and processing new member paperwork. My flexible nature allowed me to learn a few different phone systems and some new membership management software. My diplomatic nature is valuable when managing relationships with colleagues and members. I have received praise and encouragement from a wide variety of people. I was comfortable and felt safe.

This past year, I was given the chance to challenge some of my beliefs about who I am by taking on a sales and retention role at Automation Alley to help bring in new members. I am the middle child in a large family. I have been very proud of my ability to be sensitive and careful while trying to “keep the peace.” I have the “nice person” behavior skills mastered. I will now tap into my assertive side. Much to my surprise, a person can be both charming and decisive. Who knew? 

When working for a company that has a vision you believe in, selling is only logical. I am delighted to be part of the staff at our nonprofit that helps people in so many ways. We help people acquire funding to start a business, to get discounts at colleges so their employees can get the training needed to succeed, we take companies on trade missions all over the world to help them grow their business, we offer Tech Takeover events to help companies get ready for the technology changes needed to remain competitive today and provide people with networking opportunities year-round. Automation Alley’s mission, vision and success speak for itself. To offer someone an opportunity to join this group of capable and smart individuals is not really selling. It is simply giving people information and a chance to excel in their field. By providing a win-win scenario for companies, everyone grows. What is not to love about that?

I welcome this new opportunity to change my life. While challenging myself to develop and progress I also encourage companies to utilize the opportunity here at Automation Alley to succeed beyond their dreams. It’s all good!

About the Author

Kim Krutsch | Automation Alley

As Automation Alley’s “Director of First Impressions” for the past seven years, Kim Krutsch has been responsible for welcoming guests, serving as receptionist and performing administrative duties. Most recently, Kim has joined Automation Alley’s Business Development team to assist in membership support and outreach.


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