Posted on 9/27/2017

Why business assessments can be a game changer for your company

Eric Davis

In a meeting, a new employee mentions that they’re unsure of what they’re supposed to do when a customer asks to make a large change to an order. A manager tells them to bring it to the attention of the CEO. Another employee asks, albeit with hesitancy, “Why does it need to go all the way up to the CEO? Can’t we just have a process in place to settle these issues between us?” There is quite a bit of head nodding, and a member of the leadership team makes a note of the problem in their journal. When the leadership team comes together, however, some in management don’t give the problem its proper due analysis, even though some may agree with the new employee.

As a coach for a high school football team, we experienced the same symptoms as most businesses. Issues regarding communication and accountability affect the performance of coaches, which trickled down to the players. And while the entire team “knew” the problems and expressed their frustrations, those in charge were hesitant to take a step forward to correct the problems. 

After suffering two devastating losses in very winnable games, the head coach invited an outsider to come look at the team. With hours of watching film and understanding schemes under his belt, the opinion of the outsider was the same as the employees: lack of communication and accountability within the organization. His advice was quickly heeded, and we admitted fault amongst ourselves and to players. The very next game we won 35 to 0, against a better opponent than the previous two. 

Sometimes an outsider’s perspective can yield a world on constructive feedback. Otherwise, over time, the root of the problem may manifest into other issues, and the organization’s challenges may become overwhelming. Don’t let your management team play whack-a-mole on issues that are important and unimportant alike. 

At Automation Alley, we offer a similar third-party validation through a business assessment designed to aggregate and consolidate these very issues into a cohesive message, making the steps to move the company forward manageable. The information is extracted from within the entire organization and common issues are analyzed by Automation Alley. At end of the assessment, prioritized next steps are shared to ensure the company overcomes their challenges without disrupting day-to-day workflow. 

Instilling effective change may seem like an impossible task at first, but the assessment helps make it achievable. And while a business may not be able to change overnight and win big, the point remains valid across all types of organizations—whether on the bench or in the boardroom.

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About the Author

Eric Davis | Automation Alley

Eric Davis is Automation Alley’s technology investment analyst. In this role, he is responsible for providing in-depth analysis and insight on participants in the organization’s successful entrepreneurship program, the Automation Alley 7Cs™, where he is also assistant facilitator of the icube™ methodology and the Growth Readiness Assessment, giving companies the framework for growth. Eric also oversees activities related to Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Business Accelerator Fund, and manages the investment process for Automation Alley’s pre-seed fund. Eric has an extensive background in performing due diligence on both public and privately-held companies.


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