Posted on 5/24/2017

Come together, OT and IT!

The editors of SME’s Smart Manufacturing magazine are challenging readers to overcome the cultural divide that still has operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) professionals using different terminology, ranking priorities differently and focusing on different goals—and to sing about it.

When the two sides don’t work together, consequences include duplicated costs, bloated inventory, compromised plant security, injuries and even deaths. When the two sides finally come together, companies see better safety and security, tighter inventory control, improved quality, better maintenance, reduction in costly incidents and downtime, reduced cycle time to market and increased ability to customize production. 

It’s enough to make you want to pick up a guitar. And that’s exactly what Contributing Editor Karen Queen did in our cover story for May. Now, we want readers to belt out the Beatles-inspired lyrics Karen wrote—and win some valuable prizes from SME.

As the latest issue of Smart Manufacturing came together, our media team felt a fun and creative action was necessary to point out just how big the opportunities are in manufacturing when these two camps—OT and IT—get on the same page. 

In this issue, we highlight various industry leaders who truly understand how crucial it is for OT and IT to work together.  They illustrate how OT and IT can and should work together to eventually save billions of dollars around the world.

The talent contest can be accessed at The Advanced Manufacturing Media team will select one winning “band” in July. Up to four winners from the one winning “band” will each receive: $100 Amazon gift card, 10 online Tooling U-SME classes, and a one-year SME membership.

The lyrics are as follows: 

Come together right now, OT/IT

Here come OT man
He come groovin’ up slowly
He got data on light boards
He got greasy fingers
He got an old computer
Runs Windows XP
Ain’t worried ’bout them hackers
He just do what he please

Here come IT man
Flashin’ right past the factory
Talkin’ ’bout sensors on switches
’N’ security patches
He got the latest computer
Big IT degree
Ain’t worried ’bout production
He just do what he please

Come together right now OT/IT

They say. “I don’t know you”
And. “You don’t know me”
But they need to work together
To run this factory

Come together right now OT/IT

Come Together
Come Together
Come Together
Come Together
Come Together

View the full cover story here.

Brett Brune is editor in chief of Smart Manufacturing magazine. He previously edited and wrote on staff at the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and The New York Times. He also served as Editor in Chief of Smart Grid Today and critiqued magazines for The New York Times.


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