Posted on 8/9/2017

If you think your company is unaffected by Industry 4.0, think again!

Cynthia Hutchison

Does your company embrace technology? Maybe you think your industry is impervious to the digital transformation known as Industry 4.0. Think again! Here at Automation Alley, we focus our core business on helping technology and manufacturing companies grow and prosper. But when you really break it down, every business today is a technology company, whether it appears that way on the surface or not.

Industry 4.0 – which includes technologies like virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, the cloud, 3D printing, autonomous robotics, cybersecurity, advanced materials, big data and AI – is disrupting all industries. Whether you own a grocery store, a hotel chain or a flower shop, these technologies are changing the way we work and live. It’s time to explore new approaches to old ways of doing business.

Here are three things traditional businesses should consider on their quest to embrace the technologies of Industry 4.0.

  1. Make plans. Define your current use of digital technologies and identify where technology can make a difference across all areas of your business. Think about the impact virtual and augmented reality can have on the construction industry, or on tourism, or even education.
  2. Don’t fear failure. Launch multiple pilot projects at once and don’t be afraid to fail. Look at how 3D printing has revolutionized multiple traditional industries. 3D printers are relatively cheap and have been used to create everything from car parts, smartphone cases and fashion accessories to food and artificial organs. Sky is the limit!
  3. Train and transform. In order for your organization to truly embrace new technologies, all employees must be on board. Invest in training and create a culture that accepts technology and change. While most data at your organization may be trapped in filing cabinets or on floppy disks, imagine the success you could have if your entire organization had the ability to gather, analyze and unlock the potential of big data.

Want to learn more about Industry 4.0 and steps your company can take to transform through technology? Join us every Wednesday at Automation Alley for the Tech Takeover as we explore how your company can keep pace with the rapid technological changes of Industry 4.0.

About the Author

Cynthia Hutchison | Automation Alley

Cynthia Hutchison is Automation Alley's director of Business Development and Government Affairs, responsible for managing Automation Alley’s membership portfolio and enhancing the overall member experience. Cynthia also leads Automation Alley’s Government Affairs Committee. Prior to joining Automation Alley, Cynthia founded Band of Angels, an international outreach organization dedicated to helping individuals with Down Syndrome reach their full potential. Cynthia was named Michiganian of the Year by the Detroit News in 2007. In November 2006, Woman’s Day Magazine named her one of 9 national Women Who Inspire Us, an award that recognizes extraordinary women who push themselves to exceptional limits.


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