August 2017

Emily Parks of Automation Alley member company AMI Strategies, a technology expense management firm, discusses the connections she’s made through Automation Alley.

July New Members


Automation Alley added 6 new members in July. Click the links below to meet them.

The future of manufacturing is here for the taking in Michigan

By Tom Kelly | Automation Alley | 8/2/2017

It’s not just cars anymore. The state needs to capitalize on its knowhow and adapt for Industry 4.0. In this Op-Ed, Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly argues that Michigan has an opportunity to lead the nation in the implementation of Industry 4.0 on our factory floors. One of the advantages Michigan has is a rich supply chain of traditional manufacturers all the way from smaller suppliers to tier 1s and OEMs, a great environment for Industry 4.0 technologies to be vetted.

Make the Most of Your Automation Alley Membership

By Tom Kelly | Automation Alley | 8/8/2017

August is Member Appreciation Month here at Automation Alley. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our members from across Southeast Michigan for their continued support of, and involvement in, our organization. Our global brand has never been stronger or more meaningful in driving revenue and recognition to our members than it is today.

If you think your company is unaffected by Industry 4.0, think again!

By Cynthia Hutchison | Automation Alley | 8/9/2017

In the digital age, the lines are blurred between what is and isn't considered a technology company. The argument can most certainly be made that all businesses today are tech companies. In this blog post, Cynthia Hutchison, Automation Alley's director of Business Development and Government Affairs, offers up advice traditional businesses should consider on their quest to embrace new technologies.

IIoT: Manufacturing at the Speed of Change

By Elliot Forsyth | Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center | 8/16/2017

The digitalization of business across all industries is happening rapidly, and there is no going back. Imagine knowing when a machine is about to fail before it actually occurs. Or what if it were possible to monitor a customer’s product performance in real time to service it more quickly and efficiently?

Cyberattack. Are you prepared?

By Molly E. Green | Marsh & McLennan Agency | 8/23/2017

The threat of a cyberattack is no longer a case of if it will happen, but when it will happen. How can you protect your organization?

With nearly 1,000 Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) events taking place across the nation on Friday, Oct. 6, Automation Alley would like to highlight those happening in our own backyard — specifically, the events being hosted by our member organizations.

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