Posted on 3/30/2016

5 free ways to help entrepreneurs be more efficient

Tom Kelly

Starting a business is no easy feat. It’s a costly and time consuming endeavor that requires entrepreneurs to be deliberate about how they manage their time and money. Here are five easy time hacks to help you increase your productivity at little to no cost. 


1. Use Trello to manage projects and teams. 
Trello is an incredibly versatile business tool that can help you manage your team, its projects and your company’s overall workload. Create themed boards and use project cards for meetings and ongoing tasks. This is an organizational lifesaver! 


2. Understand and embrace marketing automation. 
Marketing automation allows companies to streamline and target communications with new and potential customers. This helps build awareness and will keep your products and services top of mind.


3. Use LinkedIn and other social media as a recruiting AND sales tool.
Create brand awareness to the masses by leveraging your social media efforts. It’s a free and easy way to reach customers and engage with them. Make sure your content is useful and sharable. 


4. Embrace freelancers and non-traditional employees.
Using these resources can be a highly efficient way to run your business. Freelancers get paid only for deliverables you agree upon, and as your needs change you can use different freelancers with different skillsets to achieve your targets. Non-traditional employees, such as retirees, can bring a wealth of experience for a fraction of what a traditional employee would charge.


5. Use technology such as Office 365 to virtualize your company.
Allowing employees to work remotely by utilizing cloud-based elements of services like Office 365 will create mobility and flexibility within your organization. 


About the Author

Tom Kelly | Automation Alley

Tom Kelly, Automation Alley COO, manages the organization’s 7Cs™ program for advanced manufacturing entrepreneurs across Southeast Michigan. The program includes intense coaching and a commitment from Automation Alley to invest resources and capital. Companies receive assistance and guidance from Automation Alley’s entrepreneurship team to help accelerate the commercialization of their product, service or technology. Follow Tom Kelly on Twitter @Tom_W_Kelly 


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