Posted on 3/16/2016

10 Ways to Build a Great Team

Ken Rogers

Successful businesses leaders know the value of building a great team — and keeping them happy. Here, Automation Alley’s Executive Director Ken Rogers serves up 10 tips for assembling, motivating and empowering employees. “On a day to day basis, the goal is always ‘team,’” he says. “A quality team will allow your business to flourish.”

  1. Hire quality people. Talent and character matters equally.
  2. Allow team members to lead. Decision making leads to empowerment. 
  3. Do not micromanage. If you hire the right people, trust they are doing the right thing. 
  4. Be supportive. In the decisions they make and with the necessary tools to be successful.
  5. Encourage their ideas and suggestions. Be open-minded to their point of view and perspective. 
  6. Be willing to change. Find new avenues and procedures to the way you do business. Don't get locked in the present or past. It's about the future.
  7. Encourage collaboration amongst the team. As cheesy as it sounds, “one for all and all for one” is a motto to live by. 
  8. Have a positive attitude. A fundamental for success. Positivity is contagious.
  9. Praise good work. Mention improvements and applaud the initiative.  
  10. Set a good example. Demonstrate top-notch behavior in your attitude and in your work ethic and the team will follow your lead. 

About the Author

Ken Rogers | Automation Alley

As executive director of Automation Alley, Ken Rogers oversees strategic planning, all financial and personnel matters and the ongoing activities for Automation Alley on behalf of its nearly 1,000 member organizations across Southeast Michigan.


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