Posted on 4/13/2016

5 reasons to get automated

Kris Powell

Smaller organizations may find it manageable to handle all HR related paperwork for their employees.  The question is, at what point does simply “managing” the paperwork get too overwhelming and cumbersome? Imagine a world where your HR processes are automated.  Where complex requirements such as Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and EEO reporting is automatic and easy.

More and more, companies are turning to automated Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). The benefits of automating your HR functions are almost too many to list. Here are the top 5 reasons you should automate your HR and benefit functions.

  1. Save Time. Consider the job you are doing now. The stacks of paperwork, files, and spreadsheets you maintain to keep your organization organized. What if your company grew by 10 percent? 20 percent? Or even 50 percent? Could you keep up with the daily requirements?  What if you could get back at minimum a third of your day? Imagine what you could do with that extra time. There is also a positive impact on a company’s internal work environment by freeing up valuable HR staff time so they may allocate resources to more impactful employee programs or issues.  
  2. Save Money. Implementing an automated system not only saves your staff valuable time, but utilizing features such as wellness campaigns, surveys, employee portals and applicant tracking can ultimately save your company money. Employees who are well educated, stewards of their healthcare, and involved in wellness campaigns require less healthcare, file less claims and employee absenteeism decreases.
  3. Reduce Errors. Smaller HR departments find themselves bogged down by paperwork. This leads to delays in onboarding new employees, delays in training, inability to hire the right people, piles of papers/folder, recurrent errors and an overall poor use of an HR manager’s time. By automating, human errors such as hand-typed entries into multiple spreadsheets, tracking enrollments by hand, duplication of efforts, exhausting antiquated tracking methods and space issues with paperwork storage are completely eliminated.
  4. Ensure Compliance. In an ever-changing world of government rules and regulations mandated by the ACA, employers are having a difficult time keeping up with changes, and the endless barrage of required forms and reports. HRIS systems can automate these processes for you, ensuring you are always ahead of the game.
  5. Increase Employee Satisfaction. Employees who are well educated, have access to their own portals, who are engaged with an organization though surveys and wellness campaigns, who have quick and efficient onboarding procedures and have processes such as time off requests and clocking in conducted effortlessly are, across the board, more satisfied than those employees who do not have access to these benefits.

About the Author

Kris Powell | HRPro/BenePro

Kris Powell is the CEO and President of HRPro/BenePro. With over 30 years’ experience in the benefits arena, Kris is a highly respected authority in the industry. Serving on the board of United Benefit Advisors (UBA), a group he helped charter in 2002, he is constantly striving to find new and exciting solutions for his clients benefit and HR administration needs.

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