April 2016

#MembershipMinute - Tegrit

By Automation Alley Staff | Automation Alley | 4/5/2016

Learn how Livonia-based technology solutions and consulting firm Tegrit gets the most out of their Automation Alley membership. 

7 tips for making the most out of industry events and conferences

By John Bedz | Automation Alley | 4/20/2016

Attending industry events and conferences can be an invaluable investment — if you do some planning ahead to prepare and dedicate a little time afterwards to follow up! Here are 7 tips you can put into practice at the upcoming Michigan Defense Expo (MDEX) and other business events and conferences you plan to attend this year. 

6 ways your small business can rock social media

By Erin Sommerville and Nicole Kampe | Automation Alley | 4/6/2016

Social media can be a great marketing tool for small businesses looking to reach and engage existing and potential clients and customers. It’s also the perfect avenue for spreading the word about your products and services. But unless your small business employs a full-time social media manager, these efforts are easier said than done. By incorporating these six practices, your company can take your social media posts from dull to dynamic, and make them a key aspect of your overall marketing strategy. 

5 reasons to get automated

By Kris Powell | HRPro/BenePro | 4/13/2016

Smaller organizations may find it manageable to handle all HR related paperwork for their employees.  The question is, at what point does simply “managing” the paperwork get too overwhelming and cumbersome? Imagine a world where your HR processes are automated.  Where complex requirements such as Affordable Care Act compliance and EEO reporting is automatic and easy. 

Manufacturers Are Unprepared for Growing Skills Gap

By Jeannine Kunz | Tooling U-SME | 4/27/2016

Taking basic steps now can help you avoid not having the right – or enough – skilled workers to meet customer demands. To ensure the health of your business and the manufacturing industry, the time to act is now.

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