January 2015

What’s Your Anti-New Year’s Resolution?

By Automation Alley Staff | Automation Alley | 1/7/2015

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions in the past. Some last, but most fall short of our desired goal. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, why not take a different spin on this tradition?

​Why employ young talent?

By Automation Alley Staff | Automation Alley | 1/21/2015

A Q&A with Automation Alley’s Ken Rogers and Kelly Kozlowski

Mistakes, mishaps & making friends abroad: stories about going global

By Noel Nevshehir | Automation Alley | 1/28/2015

Noel Nevshehir, Automation Alley’s director of international business services, discusses Automation Alley’s trade mission program, some of the biggest mistakes companies make when stepping into exporting for the first time and how individuals can educate themselves on business customs abroad. 

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