Mobility and Industry 4.0: Working Together for Michigan’s Future

By Glenn Stevens Jr. | MICHauto and the Detroit Regional Chamber | 11/25/2020

In 1901 Ransom E. Olds set up the first automobile manufacturing plant in Lansing, Michigan. Two years later, Henry Ford launched the Ford Motor Company, which would soon build the Model-T. Although Olds utilized conveyor systems in his first plant, the revolutionary development that enabled the mass production of vehicles did not come until 1913 when the modern assembly line was introduced at the Highland Park Ford plant. Now, 119 years later, we are witnessing significant manufacturing developments unfold in the Detroit region. Glenn Stevens Jr., Executive Director at MICHauto and Vice President of Automotive and Mobility Initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber, brings us this week’s blog post focused on the current mobility transformation and the major technology advancements in the areas of connected, automated, electrified, and shared

Financial Management: 4 Key Technology Transformations

By Ben Smith | Clayton & McKervey | 11/18/2020

The accounting industry looks a lot different these days than it did 10 years ago. From shifts towards data-driven strategy to the implementation of new technological tools, the profession has rapidly evolved. It seems like there are always changes on the horizon when it comes to the world of accounting and finance. Ben Smith of Clayton & McKervey joins us on the blog with four trends they are tracking right now and what they mean for your business.

A look at Detroit's retail market in the age of COVID

By Ron Goldstone | NAI Farbman | 11/4/2020

While the seismic economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and related shutdowns sent shockwaves through the economy this past spring, the true long-term effects of a sustained and ongoing slowdown remain to be seen. The good news is that retailers have adapted relatively quickly to these challenging new circumstances. Upgrading online ordering, delivery and pickup options has made it easier for customers to shop safely and confidently. What does that landscape look like here in Detroit? Ron Goldstone with NAI Farbman joins us on the blog to weigh in on the state of retail in Metro Detroit.

8 Reasons to Attend Integr8 2020: The Virtual Experience

By Nicole Kampe | Automation Alley | 10/28/2020

Automation Alley’s global Industry 4.0 conference, Integr8, is back for 2020, and this year’s virtual experience is shaping up to be a must-attend event for those seeking guidance as they navigating the complexities associated with digital transformation. This year’s event, scheduled for Nov. 9 and 10, is expected to draw hundreds of participants from around the globe for two days of immersive content related to the smart and connected technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Whether you’re interested in learning about artificial intelligence and data analytics, the impact of 5G, machine automation, how to secure your factory from cyber threats, or preparing your workforce for the jobs of tomorrow, Integr8 has something for you. Here are eight reasons you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event.

A new workforce is emerging, and with it, a new way of working. As new employees enter the field, and others retire, a knowledge gap develops between these generations. Anticipating and preparing for potential interruptions to your production is crucial, and finding the means to capture and instill essential manufacturing skills and critical expertise is at the forefront of many companies’ goals. The effective transfer of knowledge to new employees, and cross-training existing employees, has become essential to maintain productivity, efficiency and innovation, and increase agility and adaptability. This week on the blog, Csaba Szabo, Executive Director of Business Development and Global Partnerships at SRI International, shares how to use AI to capture and transfer manufacturing knowledge.

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in a PoC Limbo

By Andreas Hassold and Matteo Dariol | Bosch Rexroth Corporation | 10/14/2020

The productivity gains promised by Industry 4.0 are, without a doubt, desired objectives for many manufacturers. As more and more organizations start their journey into this smart/digital manufacturing world, it is frequent for them to incur into a scenario Andreas Hassold and Matteo Dariol from Bosch Rexroth Corporation call “PoC limbo”. This week on the blog, they will describe how to avoid this type of roadblock.

Five trends automakers must drive to survive

By Mike Szudarek | Marx Layne & Company | 10/7/2020

Business as usual is no longer an option for OEMs. Given the unprecedented uncertainty facing the auto industry, one thing is sure: automakers must recalibrate their business strategies if they plan to survive in a COVID-19 era. To help auto leaders prepare for the “new normal,” Marx Layne has identified five trends expected to impact the market outlook and propel the industry forward in the months ahead.

The notion of shepherd within organizations was popularized by the renowned South African leader, Nelson Mandela. There is no denying that shepherd leadership is a fascinating and unexplored phenomenon in the realm of leadership models in business. We are joined on the blog by Philip L. Fioravante, Ph.D. to discuss how these action-oriented, adaptative and empathetic leaders provide cohesiveness, clarity of orientation, and reassurance.

The Working Adults & A New Education Model

By Jenny Tatsak, Ph.D. | Walsh | 9/23/2020

The benefits of a college degree are well-documented. Including increases in earning potential, job opportunities as well as self-esteem and networking enrichments, the benefits of degrees are irrefutable. These benefits are even more accessible for Michigan’s essential workers under Governor Whitmer’s “Futures for Frontliners” program to provide free tuition. This week on the blog, Jenny Tatsak, Ph.D., Chair of the Business Communication and Marketing department and Professor of Business Communication at Walsh, shares the ingredients needed for an education experience tailored to students managing multiple competing priorities.

The Workplace May Change, But It Still Matters

By Megan Robinson | NBS Commercial Interiors | 9/16/2020

The physical workplace is where connections are made, innovation is fostered and culture is grown. It’s also where employees have access to the people, tools and resources they need to collaborate and innovate most effectively. Megan Robinson of NBS Commercial Interiors joins us on the blog to discuss the changes in workspace design, process and technology that companies should be thinking about to get people back to the workplace safely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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