By John Bedz | Automation Alley | 9/19/2018
The days are getting shorter, the vacation was great, schools are back in session. Maybe now is the time to get working on growing your business. Our region remains dominated by the vehicle industry, but when talking with the best small and medium manufacturing companies, most talk about balancing their business between automotive, defense, aerospace and other. Automotive is great for high volume, but cost reduction pressure drives the sector, and a downturn can leave your business at risk. The “other” category is often low volume and risky, in that the customers come with their own set of challenges.
By Simon Weallans | Brightly | 9/12/2018
Businesses that adopt Industry 4.0 can stay ahead of the curve while increasing efficiency, streamlining processes and bolstering the bottom line, says Simon Weallans, Brightly’s vice president of sales and marketing.
By Randal Cole | Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler, PLC | 9/5/2018
Using social media as a mechanism for more comprehensive evaluation and assessment of employees and applicants is a fairly new phenomenon and is a complex and still-emerging area of law, presenting some tricky ethical issues and legal considerations. With that in mind, employers need to proceed with caution when it comes to social media vetting practices, and should make sure that they take the time to educate themselves about current best practices.
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By Nicole Kampe | Automation Alley | 8/29/2018
Creating a solid marketing and promotional campaign to accelerate your business is no easy task. Whether you’re launching a product, selling a service, or promoting an event or program within your organization, reaching your target audience has become harder than ever in the modern era of social media and automated ad technology. Between limited budgets and noise in the marketplace, how can small and medium-sized businesses break through to deliver their message in a meaningful way? This week on the blog, Nicole Kampe, Automation Alley's communications and media manager, takes you through her 10-step marketing checklist for businesses.
By Barbara Fornasiero | EAFocus Inc. Public Relations | 8/22/2018
What is “news?” It’s a critical question when considering whether certain information is appropriately shared in a press release. While communication vehicles have expanded over the last decade or so, Barb Fornasiero, principal and founder of EAFocus Inc. Public Relations, says what constitutes as actual news has not. Before you invest time in writing and posting and/or distributing a press release to media, determine if it fits the parameters of news. Read more on the blog.
By Brigitte Neumayr | ICONMA | 8/15/2018
Both four-year degrees and trade schooling have their pros and cons, but student should be aware and educated of the options and opportunities associated to both, says guest blogger Brigitte Neumayr, business development manager at ICONMA. The proactive approach many schools and employers are taking to educate young adults in today’s market will hopefully prove to be successful in closing the skills gap.
By Kim Krutsch | Automation Alley | 8/8/2018
In any business—whether you’re selling a product, service or technology—customer service is key to success. The Internet has provided us with a nearly unlimited number of options when it comes to buying. Because of these endless options, it is up to companies selling to offer potential customers the best total experience. This week on the blog, Automation Alley's Kim Krutsch examines how a company can create a culture of strong customer service from top to bottom.
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