Automation Alley Member Logo

The Automation Alley member logo is available for members to use in a variety of ways, including on business cards, websites and in advertising. 

In the preferred version, the logo appears in yellow. The logo should be reproduced in color whenever possible. In some instances when the design of the piece offers little contrast between the background and the logo, the logo may appear in all black or all white. For specific color values to use when reproducing the logo, refer to the style guidelines included in the download.

The Automation Alley Member logo is a unique piece of artwork. The logo should never be typeset, recreated or altered, which could cause inconsistencies that dilute the impact of the brands power. 

To maintain consistent use and ensure the integrity of the logo, use only approved electronic art files, which can be download hereMembers should never use the standard Automation Alley logo without prior written consent from Automation Alley. For all logo inquires, please contact

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