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AutoCAD Essentials | CATIA – V5 Foundations | Inventor Essentials
NX – New User | PLM Workshop for Manufacturing Executives

Students in a class at Ta Ta TechnologiesAutoCAD Essentials

Class description: This course is designed for the new AutoCAD user who requires comprehensive training in AutoCAD. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings within AutoCAD.

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CATIA – V5 Foundations

Class description: The only thing basic about our Basics course is the name. This core course for new CATIA V5 users covers both fundamental and advanced topics in the most commonly used workbenches: User Interface, Sketcher and Part Design. The primary emphasis of this course is on parametric solid modeling in V5 but an introduction to Assembly Design, Drafting and Wireframe and Surface is also included. At the completion of this course, students will be able to create and manipulate a wide variety of profile-based solid features, apply complex dress-up features such as fillets and drafts, perform feature patterning and other transformations.

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Inventor Essentials

Class description: This course is designed to provide the essentials skills and some advanced skills required for using Autodesk Inventor in a mechanical engineering production environment. During the course students will learn a number of crucial skills, from modeling part components to building assemblies. Students will also learn how to create production ready drawings of parts and assembly models. Lastly, students will learn valuable concepts that lead to “shortcuts” in your design process. 

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NX – New User

Class description: Take the Tata Technologies Express to Unigraphics/NX proficiency! Our New User Express gets you right on track with this integrated course of the "Big 3": Feature-Based Modeling, Assemblies, and Drafting. You are just a week away from creating and editing designs using proven modeling techniques. We will make it easier to get to work with confidence and solid Unigraphics-NX skills. Best of all, we only cover the important functions, giving you a solid foundation to explore the rest on your own. Learn the fundamentals of parametric modeling and engineering drawings. If you want to begin your NX journey with a strong foundation and effective techniques, get a ticket on our New User Express to NX proficiency!

NX 7.5 New User Express

NX 8.0 New User Express

NX 8.5 New User Express

NX 9.0 New User Express


PLM Workshop for Manufacturing Executives

Class description: Join Dr. Michael Grieves, international product lifecycle management (PLM) expert, author and educator for this two-day course on PLM for business.

This course, intended for executive and high-level management and individuals considering or already implementing PLM into their businesses, will explore the latest PLM principles, strategies, practices and applications and PLM’s impact on small and medium-size businesses in Southeast Michigan. What is the current thinking on PLM, and how can it help your company improve productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks, reduce waste and develop better products? Case studies will explore examples of successful PLM implementations using the latest digital tools and cutting-edge technologies in use today. This course will also cover issues involved with change management and will place an emphasis on the costs and benefits associated with adopting PLM practices. The course will conclude with an assessment and a recommendation for future education and actions your company should take.

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