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Small businesses continue to grow in Southeast Michigan, and while there is a broad spectrum of resources available to early-stage companies in the region, Automation Alley recognizes the need for continued support through the second-stage phase of business. Through a partnership with Stage 2 Innovations—an investment fund targeting second-stage companies with potential for large-scale commercialization—Automation Alley connects businesses with the funding needed to achieve a new level of growth and success.

Stage 2 Innovations Fund
Stage 2 Innovations is a $100-million fund established to accelerate the large-scale commercialization of proven, innovative technologies in the global market. The fund’s goal is to empower and support the commercialization of innovation-based, patentable technology, and, if required, provide hands-on business strategy and operational support. Stage 2 Innovations was co-founded in 2011 by Tom LaSorda, former president & CEO of Chrysler, and an experienced investor in start-up companies with a proven track record.

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Stage 2 Innovations