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Social media use continues to grow and larger numbers of employees engage in some form of social media at work or outside of work. It is important for companies to establish social media policies and guidelines.

When developing your company's social media policy, consider the following:

  • Will social media policies be flexible or restricted?
  • Will every employee or only select employees act as brand managers or representatives?
  • Should employees be required to create separate accounts for personal use vs.professional use?
  • Are employees aware of what they are posting?
  • Are steps in place to ensure that employees do not post confidential or other proprietary information?
  • Include legal considerations such as respect for copyrights and other intellectual property, and prohibitions against defamatory statements, harassment and criminal activities.
  • Use a disclaimer. Make sure it is clear when employees are posting on behalf of the company vs. on their own.

Two tech giants IBM and Intel were among the first companies to make their social media policies public. SAP has recently announced new social media policies and made them public.


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