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Ken Rogers
Executive Director of Automation Alley
Deputy County Executive for Oakland County
Brief: responsible for the overall management and financial matters of Automation Alley  BIO

Maryann Daddow
Director, Finance
Brief: manages Automation Alley accounting and finances  BIO

Diane DeForest
Director, Marketing and Events
Brief: leads Automation Alley's marketing efforts, events, promotions and sponsorship opportunities BIO

Karol Friedman
Director, Talent Development
Brief: directs Automation Alley programming for workforce development and educational initiatives 

Cynthia Hutchison
Director, Member Relations
Brief: directs Automation Alley's membership activities BIO

Tom Kelly
Director, Entrepreneurship
Brief: leads Automation Alley's entrepreneurial services department

Kelly Kozlowski
Senior Director
Brief: leader of Automation Alley government affairs, public relations and communications; assists executive director in overall management of the organization  BIO

Noel Nevshehir
Director, International Business Services
Brief: leads activities relating to trade missions, export readiness consulting and business attraction  BIO

Daniel Raubinger
Director, Defense and Manufacturing
Brief: manager of day-to-day operations of the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages program and all manufacturing initiatives  BIO

Alex Violassi
Director, Automation Alley Technology Center
Brief: leads all activities related to the Automation Alley Product Lifecycle Management Center BIO 


John Bedz
Defense and Automotive Consultant
Brief: assists with U.S. Army consulting and is providing strategic analysis of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program

Sharon Blumeno
Business Development Executive
Brief: recruits and welcomes new members to Automation Alley from the eight-county Southeast Michigan region

Eriola Fishman
International Business Supervisor
Brief: assists in planning and actitivities associated with international business services, including trade missions and business attraction

Shaun Hayes
Member Relations Supervisor
Brief: assists in member relations inquiries and membership processing


Staff continued

Dom Holmes
Entrepreneurial Administrator
Brief: works with Automation Alley's seed funded companies and entrepreneurs

Nicole Kampe
Public Affairs Copywriter
Brief: assists in copywriting activities related to Automation Alley's public affairs

Kim Krutsch
Administrative Assistant
Brief: assists with administrative projects and serves as Automation Alley's receptionist

Lisa Lasser
International Business Services Manager
Brief: manages the day-to-day activities associated with international business services, including international trade and business investment activities

Claire Leigh-Monstevens
Events Specialist
Brief: oversees the planning, development and promotion of Automation Alley events

Jacqueline Martin
Member Relations Specialist

Christian McDavid
Public Affairs Administrative Assistant
Brief: assists in the implementation of Automation Alley's communications strategy

Pam Mullen
Executive Assistant
Brief: assists Executive Director, manages Board of Directors and oversees building maintenance and security

Eric Niemasz
Defense and Manufacturing Project Engineer
Brief: assists with the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages program

Terry Perkon
Defense and Manufacturing Database Consultant
Brief: assists with the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages program

John Shirk
Accounting and Human Resources Manager
Brief: performs a wide range of accounting-related activities and is responsible for all human resource-related issues

Erin Sommerville
Media Relations Specialist
Brief: develops and executes media strategy, including media relations and social media

Rebecca Thibault
Graphic Designer
Brief: creates graphic content for PR and marketing materials

Angelina Tomovski
Automation Alley Technology Center Administrative Assistant
Brief: assists with administrative duties related to the Product Lifecycle Management Center

Anne Walter
Defense and Manufacturing Executive Administrator
Brief: supports the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages program

Ted Williams
Technology Investment Analyst
Brief: tracks entrepreneurial client milestones and overall seed fund portfolio performance measurements