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Modern industrial economies are experiencing technological changes, and the real forces of change are ideas, knowledge and research. Investment, jobs and incomes are directly associated with the strength and vitality of knowledge-based workers and the innovations that are discovered in research labs. The following are research opportunities that are available to help grow your company, develop new products and solve current product issues.


Name: Central Michigan University
Research Focus Areas:

  • entrepreneurialism
  • geographical studies
  • health issues
  • nanotechnology
  • rural studies
  • software engineering and information technology
  • water research

Resources: Central Michigan University Research Corporation: Technology Acceleration
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Name: Eastern Michigan University
Research Focus Areas:

  • entrepreneurship
  • children and families
  • coatings industry
  • geospatial research
  • Internet and schools
  • organizational risk reduction
  • regional and national security

Resources: Office of Research Development
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Name: Kettering University
Research Focus Areas:

  • automation applied control systems design
  • automotive mechanical engineering
  • biomedical engineering
  • computational plasma dynamics
  • electrical and computer engineering
  • fuel cell systems and powertrain integration
  • industrial and manufacturing engineering
  • simulation engineering and design optimization
  • smart systems engineering

Resources: Applied Research Program
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Name: Lawrence Technological University
Research Focus Areas:

  • alternative energy
  • automotive
  • biomedical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • electrical and computer engineering
  • international business
  • mechanical engineering
  • natural sciences

Resources: Professional Development Center
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Name: Michigan State University 
Research Focus Areas:

  • animal care
  • children, youth and families
  • collegiate employment
  • community economic development
  • health care studies
  • international education and research
  • international health
  • public policy and social research
  • public utilities
  • water research

Resources: Office of Intellectual Property
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Name: Michigan Technological University
Research Focus Areas:

  • biotechnology
  • computational science and engineering
  • ecosystem science
  • engineering materials
  • environmentally benign functional material
  • ground vehicle performance
  • Lake Superior ecosystem research
  • nanoelectronics and nanosensors systems
  • power and energy research
  • remote sensing
  • sensing, imaging and communication
  • transportation materials

Resources: Sponsored Programs Resource and Outreach Team
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Name: Oakland University
Research Focus Areas:
  • biomedical
  • fastening and joint research
  • teaching and learning
  • visual sciences
Resources: Grants, Contracts and Sponsored Research Center
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Name: University of Michigan
Research Focus Areas:

  • applied physics
  • artificial intelligence
  • automotive research
  • biomaterials
  • biomechanics
  • biophysics
  • cancer
  • complementary and alternative medicine
  • economic research on the uninsured
  • ecosystems
  • electron microbeams
  • ergonomics
  • human growth and development
  • gerontology
  • integrated devices and circuits
  • labor and industrial relations
  • life sciences
  • organogenesis
  • organometallic and surface chemistry
  • plants and fungi
  • reproductive sciences
  • social research
  • space physics
  • technology transfer
  • ultrafast optical science
  • wireless integrated microsystems
  • women and gender        

Resources: UM Research
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Name: Western Michigan University
Research Focus Areas:

  • biological imaging
  • environmental issues
  • nanotechnology and computational research
  • social research
  • water sciences 

Resources: Intellectual property, biosciences research, Business Technology Park
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Wayne State University
Research Focus Areas:

  • automotive
  • bioengineering
  • biomedical
  • cancer
  • environmental health
  • gerontology
  • manufacturing
  • molecular medicine   
  • scientific computing

Resources: Technology Transfer Office
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