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Are you looking to promote your business to the technology industry in Southeast Michigan?

X-OLOGY Magazine provides a unique hybrid of technology information and high-end lifestyle content for an educated, visionary audience. This quarterly Automation Alley publication takes an in-depth look at the people, companies, technologies and ideas that are transforming Southeast Michigan. The engaging format balances thought-provoking articles and striking photography that resonates with its tech-savvy readers.

X-OLOGY reaches early adopters, trendsetters and brand drivers - consumers who stay current in tech sectors.

  • 10,000 distributed into the homes of a narrowly defined list (parameters include household income, age and occupation)
  • 5,000 distributed to businesses and technical decision makers throughout Automation Alley's eight-county reach, including Automation Alley members
  • 2,500 distributed as a recruitment tool to the tech sector of Southeast Michigan
  • 2,500 distributed via street sales

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For advertising information, contact R. David Eick at 248-231-8067 or

X-OLOGY Magazine is an Automation Alley publication and is published in partnership with RDE Enterprises Inc.