Automation Alley

International Business Services - Overview

Automation Alley’s International Business Services are designed to assist local companies looking to expand and diversify their businesses by stepping into international markets as well as international companies looking to explore business opportunities in Southeast Michigan.

Automation Alley hosts informative seminars and workshops on exporting and doing business abroad. In addition, local companies can join Automation Alley on trade missions to locations around the world to explore opportunities for expansion into new markets.

The International Business Center, located at Automation Alley Headquarters, provides soft landing space for international companies to use as a home base while exploring opportunities to do business in Southeast Michigan.

For more information, contact the Automation Alley Resource Center at 800-427-5100 or

Join Automation Alley's trade mission to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), the Middle East’s two most promising markets for U.S. exports.