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Automation Alley Investments
Since 2003, Automation Alley has interacted with nearly 1,000 companies representing a wide range of technologies throughout Southeast Michigan.  Automation Alley has provided pre-seed funding, mentoring, referrals, seminars, workshops and interactions with venture capitalists.

To date, Automation Alley has invested $7.46 million in 33 companies or projects across Southeast Michigan, including:

3IS, Inc.  |  Accio Energy, Inc.  |  Are You a Human  |  Beholztech  | Blizzard Boost  |  BUSolutions  |  Cargo Solutions Group LLC
Check The Crib   |  Cielo MedSolutions, LLC  |  CircleBuilder Software  |  Clean Emission Fluids, Inc.
Critical Signal Technologies, Inc.  |  Danotek Motion Technologies, LLC  |  ElectroJet, Inc.  |  Fusion Coolant Systems
Global Energy Innovations  |  GraviKor  |  InfoReady Corporation  |  iTrack, LLC  |  Limo-Reid Inc. dba NRG Dynamix
MIST Innovations, Inc.  |  Monarch Antenna  |  NextCAT, Inc  |  ParkingCarma, Inc.  |   Prezign  |  Pure Entropy Technologies
RazorThreat  |  Reveal Design Automation  |  Saleztrack  |  Saphran, Inc.  |  SpaceForm Welding Solutions Inc.
Tangent Medical Technologies, Inc.  |  TerraYebo, Inc.  |  Unitask Software  |  Ventech, LLC


3IS, Inc. – Novi
3IS, Inc. is a business-to-business information aggregator providing a comprehensive data portal for the multi-billion-dollar electronics industry. The company’s Web-based service, offered to companies on a subscription-fee basis, employs an innovative search & database combination computing model to aggregate up-to-date technical, commercial and market data, throughout all tiers of the supply chain from thousands of sources. With all the information in one place and accessible through powerful search tools, 3IS users including engineers, R&D personnel, purchasing, marketing & sales professionals and managers can achieve significant new design cycle, market research and supply chain efficiencies. 3IS enables professionals to far more rapidly, accurately and comprehensively specify and research electronics parts or systems, benchmark competitors, identify alternative suppliers, and compare up-to-date specs, pricing and independent product evaluations. By being able to find the most cost effective technologies and applications, in a matter of hours instead of weeks, 3IS users are able to design, manufacture and market better products faster and less expensively. More at

Accio Energy, Inc. – Ann Arbor
Accio Energy is developing electrokinetic systems that directly convert wind energy to electricity. Accio Energy’s aerovoltaic™ systems will produce low cost, silent, stationary, and modular electricity from an abundant free natural resource: a new direction in wind energy. Ideal locations include sites in close proximity to communities and offshore locations. More at

Are You a Human – Detroit

Beet Analytics   

Beholztech – Flint
Beholztech™ has developed and patented a revolutionary technology by which non-adhesive polymeric substrates are rendered adhesive, using relatively benign reagents with a short cycle time.  Current adhesion promotion methods involve flammable, carcinogenic or poisonous liquids or open flames. The Beholztech process (bTp) can effectively replace these hazardous and expensive adhesion promoting processes including organic adhesion promoters, flame treatment, corona discharge, and fluorination. More at

Blizzard Boost – Livonia
Blizzard Boost is the manufacturer of a patented engine performance enhancement system (BlizzardBooster) that significantly improves engine performance through a unique combination of increased boost pressure and induction air temperature conditioning.

BUSolutions – Troy
The BUSolutions project is a collaborative effort between government and industry, intended to demonstrate the feasibility of producing easily maintainable, efficient city transit buses. This goal will be achieved through a unique systems engineering approach, making extensive use of simulation and optimization, while relying on industry-standard componentry for major systems. One Advanced Technology Demonstrator Vehicles (ATDV) will be developed for the purpose of gaining usability and performance feedback. Automation Alley is working with Altair Engineering, the product development partner for the ATDV, as well as DDOT, SMART, the United States Department of Transportation, the Federal Transit Administration and other program partners and sponsors. For more information on this project, click here.

Buz.FM Inc. – Orion

Cargo Solutions Group LLC Sterling Heights
Cargo Solutions offers the aftermarket consumer a comprehensive solution to the problem of pickup truck box utility, by providing a product which both protects and improves accessibility to property transported in the box. The cargo management system is challenging current benchmarks through a product portfolio focused on personalization, convenience, safety and energy efficiency. Unique model offerings, optional content, accessibility, ease of use and removal, security, mass, and overall cost / value are among the areas in which Cargo Solutions excels. More at

Check The Crib – Grosse Pointe
Check The Crib is an Internet-based spare & maintenance part system for manufacturers to identify, quote and order multiple-supplier replacement items through a single source. In addition to simplifying the ordering process, manufacturers obtain complete and accurate supplier part information, track inventory, comply with equipment warranties, reduce indirect material expenses and improve productivity.  Equipment and parts suppliers use Check The Crib’s virtual parts department for sales directly to factories, reducing inventory and production costs, while improving customer service and competing globally on a standard system.  Check The Crib can integrate with existing IT systems or operate as a stand-alone Web-based system.

Cielo MedSolutions, LLC – Ann Arbor
Cielo MedSolutions provided healthcare software and Web applications focused on clinical quality management. The company's flagship product, Cielo ClinicTM, is a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that uniquely integrates a patient registry, clinical decision support, e-prescribing, population management and care management functionality to let ambulatory care providers proactively improve, document and report on clinical care.

Cielo MedSolutions was acquired by The Advisory Board Company in February 2011. Based in Washington, D.C., the Advisory Board Company provides best practices research, analysis, executive education and leadership development, software tools, and installation support services primarily to the health care industry, focusing on business strategy, operations and general management issues.

CircleBuilder Software – Franklin
CircleBuilder is a networking and management platform enabling organizations to increase their outreach, demonstrate the value of membership, improve fundraising, organize events and better serve their community. We provide an integrated suite of online tools combining business process functions with services that support personal interaction. Through our simple to use web-based interface, we create numerous "touch points" - personalized emails, shared calendars, blogs, text messages, online donation and storefronts, streaming media and newsletters - by which members can communicate with the organization and with each other. More at

Clean Emission Fluids, Inc. – Detroit
Clean Emission Fluids, Inc. has developed a patent pending Biofuel and Clean Diesel system, termed F.A.ST.™ for Fluids Affordably STored, that is needed by truck stops and fleet centers throughout North America to meet the complex challenges of carrying new renewable fuels and cleaner burning engines. F.A.ST uniquely stores, blends variable-ratio Biofuels and fuel additives, and dispenses high-quality and lower price-at-the-pump fuel in mobile, turn-key and scalable format. Clean Emission Fluids, Inc.'s F.A.ST solution is critical to the widespread adoption of Biofuels and for the new fluids necessary for Clean Diesels that are coming to the North American market with demonstrated and growing sales interest from both on-highway and off-highway companies involved in delivering fuel to the retail and commercial markets. More at

Critical Signal Technologies, Inc. – Farmington Hills
Critical Signal Technologies (CST) helps seniors and those rehabilitating at home have the security of constant help at their fingertips without the intrusion of home care aides. CST provides monitoring for a full array of needs, including blood pressure, activity in or out of bed or a chair, falling or sudden movements, and even dispenses and monitors medication compliance. More at

Danotek Motion Technologies, LLC – Canton
Danotek Motion Technologies is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in advanced electro-mechanical drives, motors, and digital sensor/sensorless control systems. Danotek's highly efficient permanent magnet generator technology will enable broad scale advances in the wind power segment of the alternative energy industry. More at

ElectroJet, Inc. – Brighton
ElectroJet, Inc. has developed small engine specific fuel injection systems, and is in the process of commercializing these proprietary technologies to help meet upcoming emissions regulations. ElectroJet was founded in 2003 and is currently privately funded. ElectroJet’s  facility includes an electronics lab, a machine shop, fabrication area, workbenches, office space, and floor space for vehicle modifications and prototype assembly. ElectroJet also has over two acres of land for field testing of products in a vehicle chassis. ElectroJet can be characterized as a design house with the ability to build low volume prototypes in-house. Large volume manufacturing takes advantage of highly skilled local contract manufacturers whom meet the most strict standards for manufacturing and service. ElectroJet currently has working prototypes in ATVs and lawn tractor utility engines. These systems have been power and emissions tested with exceptional results. More at

Fusion Coolant Systems – Ypsilanti
Fusion Coolant Systems provides an advanced coolant and lubrication system for use in manufacturing which increases production rates and tool life. Today’s metalworking fluids are a toxic mix of oil, water and various chemical additives which provide poor performance at significant costs to worker health, safety and the environment. Fusion Coolant’s patented CHiP Lube system is the most significant advance in metalworking fluids in many decades. The system outperforms existing metalworking fluid systems and is proven to reduce costs while simultaneously improving worker health and eliminating a toxic waste stream. More at

Global Energy Innovations – Flint
Global Energy Innovations provides advanced auxiliary high temperature PEM fuel cell power systems capable of reforming various fuel sources to provide multiple, reconfigurable power output channels. More at

GraviKor – Troy
Serving military and security markets worldwide, GraviKor leverages more than a dozen patented technologies in the development and implementation of spaceframe and structural weight reduction solutions. More at

InfoReady Corporation – Ann Arbor
InfoReady Corporation offers a product that helps users mine databases for governmental funding opportunities. The company's software program, In4Grants, offers a pre-award grant discovery and collaboration management system that combines the power of online search, social media and application software for grant seekers in universities, local governments, incubators and other organizations interested in obtaining grant funding.  More at

iTrack, LLC – Rochester
iTrack is a high-tech, small business based in Michigan that was formed to respond to the R&D needs of the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) and the DoD Joint Robotics Program (JRP). The mission of JADI, Inc. is to develop new technology for unmanned robotic systems and make it available for Defense and Homeland Security purposes and simultaneously create employment opportunities for the State of Michigan. In order to achieve this goal, JADI, Inc. seeks to establish mutual beneficial relations with commercial companies, universities and state & federal agencies. More at

Limo-Reid Inc. dba NRG Dynamix – Deerfield
As a full-series powertrain energy management system, NRG Drive eliminates the link between an engine and the drive wheels by replacing existing OEM transmissions, without any changes in packaging, driver operation, and minimal maintenance at the normal intervals. NRG Drive mates with gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, electric, solar, and just about any other fuel-source engine. More at

MIST Innovations, Inc. – Detroit
MIST Innovations provides risk assessment and consultation for high-risk security organizations and specializes in the design and installation of network security devices. More at

Monarch Antenna – Ann Arbor
Monarch was created to commercialize an innovative self-structuring antenna (SSA). SSA uses a microprocessor-based feedback system to alter its electrical shape through RF relays, allowing it to dynamically respond to changes in the RF signal environment --and thereby providing a robust performance in mobile applications. The technology will benefit directly from the advances in RF relay/switch technologies such as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) in applications beyond 24 GHz, which is the operational limit for today’s state-of-the-art solid-state relays. More at

NextCAT, Inc – Detroit
NextCAT, Inc is commercializing biodiesel catalyst technology developed at the National Biofuels Energy Lab at Wayne State University that allows biodiesel producers to use cost-effective raw materials. More at

ParkingCarma, Inc. – Flint
ParkingCarma™ Smart Parking is a hi-tech solution for parking in the nations most crowded cities that will bring together consumers looking for parking spots with parking structure owners and managers who have available parking spaces. Rather than circling blocks time and again looking for the elusive "open spot," it provides information and access to consumers about available parking spaces via cell phones, the Internet, and onboard automotive computers. Not only will ParkingCarma increase parking convenience and availability, it will help communities and the environment by reducing traffic congestion, emissions, and the need to build new parking structures. ParkingCarma's philosophy is sustainable growth through friendly technology.

The technology ParkingCarma employs doesn't just benefit the consumer. It is also geared toward helping cities improve their planning, manage growth and congestion issues, and allows businesses and residents to maximize the use of their available parking. Each of which will ultimately aid in saving the environment from the impact of creating more parking spaces by providing ways to better manage resources. More at

Prezign, Inc – Livonia
Prezign accelerates manufacturing zero-defect achievement by targeting problem prevention strategies.  They reduce risk and help customers cut costs in the area of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) through a web-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) called Epsys.  This feature rich Web 2.0 J2EE solution enables comprehensive performance visibility and risk assessment, helping manufacturers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. More at

Pure Entropy Technologies – Orion Township
Pure Entropy Technologies and its sister company, Encryption Security Solutions, offers their own unique algorithm, Jumble Engine. The companies provide software solutions that securely encrypt all forms of data, including live high definition streaming video, and protect data from being viewed by unauthorized parties to government and commercial markets.

RazorThreat – Pontiac
RazorThreat develops threat intelligence software that protects intellectual capital and personally identifiable information from targeted bots and malware that get through existing firewalls, IDS, IPS and virtually all log generating products. More at

Reveal Design Automation – Ann Arbor
Meeting a critical industry need related to chip technology, Reveal Design Automation is commercializing a formal verification software tool with speeds 10 to 100 times faster than existing offerings that could save chip designers millions of dollars while shaving months off of the time to market. More at

Saleztrack – Troy
Designed by auto dealers for auto dealers, Saleztrack's CRM is user-friendly and can be implemented into your current sales process--creating a positive business impact and delivering results. Unlike other CRMs, Saleztrack provides ongoing support, service and monitoring. Our team of retail professionals work with your dealership to ensure the system is correctly utilized, while the built-in watchdog mechanism monitors your process to ensure superior results. More at

Saphran, Inc. – Franklin
Saphran provides automotive suppliers with comprehensive tools tailored to the hyper-competitive automotive industry. Founded in 2001, Franklin, Mich.-based Saphran provides a suite of software solutions with advanced forecasting, costing and quoting, and cost planning functionality, incorporating improved workflow collaboration along with new levels of data integration and accuracy. More at

SpaceForm Welding Solutions Inc. – Auburn Hills
SpaceForm is a Delphi Corporation spin-out company, and was created to capitalize on the emerging spaceframe market for mobile transportation applications. SpaceForm's success will be driven by the use of the novel new welding technology, known as Deformation Resistance Welding (DRW), developed at Delphi and licensed exclusively to SpaceForm for these applications. SpaceForm's mission will be to develop and apply DRW technologies to become the leader in mobile spaceframe design and production. More at – Detroit

Tangent Medical Technologies, Inc. – Ann Arbor
Tangent Medical is committed to the development and commercialization of innovative products for IV therapy. Founded in 2009 as a spin-out of the University of Michigan’s Medical Innovation Center, the Company’s lead product, the NovaCath™ Secure IV Catheter System, is based on extensive clinical immersion and research into the needs of both healthcare workers and patients. This next-generation system will establish a new standard in catheter design, functionality, and performance. More at

TerraYebo, Inc. – Madison Heights
TerraYebo, Inc. is a Michigan-based corporation and social enterprise that connects people, places and causes, leading to a double bottom line of doing well – by doing good. Its Web and mobile application, My Inch of The Earth®/Ocean (MITE), creates the first global, geocentric social network for connecting: virtual ownership of real-world locations and social sharing of common place interests, while generating annuity-based revenues for commercial enterprises and global nonprofit organizations (NPOs). The MITE platform is unique in that it monetizes social media by productizing virtual space of real locations. More at

 – Bloomfield Hills
Unitask creates, sells and supports software products for the Oracle E-Business Suite and is a gold member of the Oracle® PartnerNetwork. Unitask has customers around the world relying on their products to eliminate implementation and operational risk, improve the quality of the application and accelerate time-to-value. More at

Ventech, LLC – Wixom
Ventech offers mobile heating solutions. They develop, manufacture and distribute a rapid heater technology - Liquid Heat Generator - to worldwide automotive, heavy-duty, emergency, off-highway, bus and military markets. The company's flagship product, LHG 513, heats the interior of school buses in a very rapid fashion, which reduces idle time, fuel consumption and engine usage. More at

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