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Velocity Data Centers Adds New Data Center Design

7/9/2012 - Published by Velocity Data Centers, LLC,  (ChelseaMI)
CHELSEA, Mich., July 9, 2012 — As organizations continue to generate data and increase the need for computing capability, Velocity Data Centers is meeting these challenges with a new design that provides four times the capacity of our original data center.
Following our design and manufacturing methods, which provide strong financial economies, the new design continues to offer the ability for organizations to retain ownership and control of their data center facilities to meet their current and future needs.
This new design is pre-engineered, built in a factory and built to last.  Stocked with industry-standard power and cooling systems – it can be up and running 135 days after the foundation's ready.

The compact, modular Velocity structure delivers up to 400kW of UPS power and space for up to 40 racks, allowing companies to add large amounts of capacity as they need it.  The  30-by-70-foot Velocity data center has 4-inch thick, rebar-reinforced concrete walls and includes pre-engineered power and cooling systems and backup generators that are configured in an N+1 design providing very high levels of redundancy.  It provides a flexible, capable (not to mention bulletproof and hurricane-rated) solution to dwindling data capacity. Velocity data centers offer relief to companies looking to expand existing data centers, create data warehouses or move a data center to free up space in their existing building. And companies can create their own private cloud by placing several Velocity data centers around a geographic area, a solution that gives them the power, flexibility and economies of the cloud, plus multiple backup sites in the event of disaster.
Velocity's demonstration data center in Ann Arbor, Mich. was completed in October 2011. For more information about Velocity Data Centers, contact Steve Jacobs at (734) 323-3075 or, or visit       
Started in January 2011, Velocity Data Centers emerged from an idea that large, expensive, lengthy construction projects were no longer the best model to support the enormous growth in demand for data center capability. We're driven by the vision of founder and president Steve Jacobs, who doesn't take “that's impossible” for an answer. 
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