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KUBT, inc. Awarded $3,000,000 USD Lithium Ion Jell Planetary Mixer Turnkey Production System in Korea

8/2/2010 - Published by KUBT,  (Bloomfield HillsMI)

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KUBT, Inc. Seoul, Korea was awarded a purchase order valued at $3,000,000 USD from a Chinese EV Lithium Ion battery manufacturer for a turnkey automated Planetary Mixer production system to produce Lithium Ion liquid  Jell compound per the customer specification.   


The planetary mixer turnkey system will be designed and built using the unique, time tested device consisting of a 1300 L Stainless Steel Multi Speed Control, 0 to 1500 RPM, Reciprocating – Orbital Blades Rotating on Axis, Close Tolerance Design interfaced to in Process  Multi Stage -Multi Station Filtering Processing System with automated inline purity test and documentation designed to produce both purity detecting and eliminating ambient contaminants and safety relative to contamination affecting either the positive or negative polarity of the Lithium Ion formula mixture requirements and specification demands of the customer exclusive Li-Ion Jeil formula. 


The planetary mixer sequence accuracy of producing a contaminant free Jell accurate to the customers strict demands per the specification.  If the specification is not meet and maintained the Li-ion battery material will not perform as per the manufacturers requirement.

To learn about all Lithium Ion manufacturing process, attend the KUBT, Inc., Lithium Ion Lithium Polymer Battery Manufacturing Seminar August 25 2010 at Automation Alley Troy Michigan

KUBT, Inc., Korea USA Battery Technology, Michigan’s only turnkey capital equipment OEM for production systems of Lithium Ion – Lithium Polymer battery manufacturing of “Zero Defect” products.

The KUBT, Inc., Korea USA Battery Technology, seminar will describe best practices for each stage of manufacturing from the Planetary Mixer controlling the customers’ formula to the final assembly with inline battery testing and specification verification during manufacturing to battery unit testing in the final assembly and in vehicle battery management system.

KUBT Battery Manufacturing seminar attendees will learn each complex and precise phase of lithium ion battery manufacturing theory and production equipment requirements. In sequence from the following steps with manufacturing equipment pictorial and video examples:

Planetary Mixer:

Coating Machine:

Slitting Machine:

Separator Coating Machine:

Separator Slitting Machine:

Winding Machine:

Roll Lamination Machine:

Fomation Machine:

Battery Cell Pack Tester:

BMS Battery Management System:

KUBT manufacturing partners represent the most experienced Li-ion in Korea who have produced capital equipment for all major manufacturers such as LG Chemical, Samsung and other prominent manufacturers in Asia since 1995 through 2005. KUBT battery manufacturing technical expertise is unsurpassed in terms of production output, technical engineering and controls, cost of equipment, delivery schedule and post installation performance and support.

KUBT Seminar is no charge, registration is at www.KUBT.US Seminar begins at 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.

About KUBT, inc.

KUBT, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan supporting NAFTA customers www.KUBT.US newly formed in the USA with years of lithium ion – lithium polymer manufacturing experience.
Korea USA Battery Technology provides our customer with the right equipment solution to produce lithium-ion battery cells such as the lithium-ion battery used on the Chevrolet Volt.
To manufacture lithium-ion battery cells, there are various processes requiring the following manufacturing procedures and capital equipment; mixing, coating, roll pressing, slitting, winding, assembling, welding, packaging with documentation per each assembly.
KUBT delivers all required R & D, Engineering and Capital equipment for a turn-key manufacturing system with a successful history of installations.
KUBT can supply the largest capacity mixing equipment. They are using 1350L size Planetary Mixing Stainless Steel tank to mix the materials and their specially designed two blades are elaborately rotated at 1600rpm.
KUBT has a full line-up of electrode manufacturing process. Especially, their separator coater helps the lithium-ion cell manufactures to produce the safest battery cells with the unique coating technology about 15 micron coating thickness at max.50m/min machine speed to increase the safety of the batteries.
KUBT has the global No.1 winding machine maker as no other company can compete with its high speed and high throughput winding machine. For HEV, they are making the winding machine to cover A4-size at 3ppm.
KUBT has proven their technology of lithium polymer battery assembly. They provided the leading battery manufacturer in Korea with a specially designed full automation assembly solutions. This solution will help manufactures to increase the throughput in the safest production methods available from our years of experience.
KUBT in USA can create effective networking channel to bridge the customers with KUBT in USA market. KUBT provides a guaranteed turn- key manufacturing capital equipment to produce lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery for HEV and all other battery requirements.
KUBT, inc. is a Automation Alley member.

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