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What is Automation Alley?
Our Mission
Our Vision
Focus Areas
Signature Events
Awards and Recognition

What is Automation Alley?

Automation Alley is Michigan’s leading technology business association, connecting companies with talent, resources and funding to accelerate innovation and fuel Southeast Michigan’s economy. Since its founding in 1999, the nonprofit has grown to include nearly 1,000 tech and manufacturing-focused members in businesses, education and government. Automation Alley focuses its efforts in four key areas: innovation and technology, talent and training, entrepreneurship and business growth.

Our Mission:

The mission of Automation Alley is to enhance the global competitiveness of Southeast Michigan and to advance our region as a high-tech powerhouse at the forefront of innovation worldwide through initiatives in advanced manufacturing, entrepreneurship, international business, talent development and defense. 

Our Vision:

Southeast Michigan will be the leading technology and innovation region in the United States.


Business Growth
From networking events and educational workshops to trade missions and defense industry consulting, Automation Alley helps its members discover new avenues for growth.

Automation Alley’s team of experts helps guide startups from concept to commercialization and helps early-stage and second-stage businesses get to the next level of success.

Talent and Training
Automation Alley partners with industry leaders and local educational institutions at all levels to help grow Southeast Michigan’s talent pipeline.

Innovation and Technology
Automation Alley provides local businesses with access to cutting-edge technology, as well as training and expertise to bring the workforce up to speed.

Focus Areas:

Looking for new customers for your products or services? We offer assistance to local companies looking to diversify into the defense industry. 

We match technology-driven startup companies across Southeast Michigan with resources, support and investment dollars, helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas into commercialized, marketable technologies and services.

International Business Services
Today’s businesses must compete not only within local markets but also with companies around the globe. That’s why our international business programs match local companies with partners and customers abroad and connect international companies to business opportunities in Southeast Michigan.

Talent Development
Our mission is to grow the technology cluster of Southeast Michigan. That mission can’t be accomplished without the availability of a robust pipeline of technical talent. Through our talent development programs, we match the local workforce to training and the opportunities they need to take their technology career to the next level. We match employers to the highly skilled technical talent necessary to keep their companies on the cutting edge. And we create and support programs and statewide resolutions that help grow the pipeline of technical talent in the region, including K-12, higher education and continuing education initiatives.

Signature Events

Technology Industry Outlook
At the Technology Industry Outlook, we debut and discuss the key findings of Automation Alley’s annual Technology Industry Report, a tool for branding and promoting our region as a center for cutting-edge tech companies and highly skilled workers. The report highlights how Southeast Michigan stacks up against other major technology hubs across the nation and provides a regional economic forecast.

Awards Gala
Each year, we recognize the leaders and innovators of Southeast Michigan’s technology business community. These are the individuals, companies and organizations that are exploring new possibilities in emerging tech sectors and providing a creative vision for our region’s growing technology economy.

Awards and Recognition

Economic Development Partner of the Year (2014)
The Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development named Automation Alley the Economic Development Partner of the Year at the 2014 Macomb County Business Awards for its efforts to help Macomb County companies grow and prosper.

President’s “E Star” Award for Export Service (2013)
The President’s “E Star” Award recognizes continued efforts in export expansion. At the time of the award, Automation Alley was the only nonprofit organization in the Midwest to have received the “E-Star” Award since the award was authorized in 1969.

Detroit Business Leaders’ Briefing at the White House (2012)
Automation Alley was invited to attend the Detroit Business Leaders’ Briefing, organized by the White House Business Council and Business Forward, at the White House in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the briefing was to discuss ways the administration could work with the Detroit business community to create jobs and grow the local economy as well as to highlight the administration’s current programs and resources in these areas.

MarCom Gold and Platinum Awards (2012, 2013)
The MarCom Awards are an international creative competition judged by a panel of marketing and communications professionals from around the world. Automation Alley earned a MarCom Gold Award for the 12th Annual Automation Alley Awards Gala promotional materials along with two Platinum Awards — the MarCom Awards’ highest honor — for the Automation Alley 2011 Annual Report and the Automation Alley Defense Brochure. Automation Alley was also the recipient of two Gold Awards in the MarCom 2013 competition for the 13th Annual Awards Gala marketing materials and the 2012 Annual Report.

SEMCOG's Regional Ambassador Award (2010)
The Regional Ambassador Award is the highest honor given by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) for individuals and organizations making unique contributions to the quality of life in Southeast Michigan. Regional Ambassadors seek to support and influence those working beyond their own sphere of authority in order to develop a shared investment in the success of Southeast Michigan.

President Barack Obama's Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth (2009)
Attended by Executive Director Ken Rogers, this event was an opportunity for the president and his senior administration officials to meet with small business owners, business leaders, academics, mayors and representatives from nonprofits to hear their ideas for continuing to grow the economy and putting Americans back to work.

President’s “E” Award for Export Service (2008)
The President’s “E” Award recognizes the significant contributions that companies and organizations have made to increasing American exports and is the highest honor presented to exporters. The “E” Award for Export Service is awarded to organizations that may or may not export directly, but which assist or facilitate export activities.

CEO Award of Excellence in Economic Development (2008)
This award was given to Executive Director Ken Rogers and Automation Alley for growing businesses and creating jobs in Southeast Michigan, as well as diversifying Michigan's economy.

Michigan Diversification Celebration's Outstanding Diversification Achievement Award (2007)
This award honors those companies, economic development organizations and individuals who have made a significant contribution to diversifying the economy of Michigan.

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